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Which of the timelines above accurately depicts the order of historical events in Nazi Germany? A. One (1) B. Two (2) C. Three (3) D. Four (4) Download jpg

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on June 8, 2018

The correct order is:1. Hereditary Court determines those with genetic diseases will be sterilized.2. Nazis open first concentration camps.3. The prohibitions against Jewish citizens grow.4. Extermination of the Jews begins.The Nazi's had a plan from the beginning, so we went step by step and adjusting the ground first, so that when the time of action comes it can be quick and efficient. In the first place, it was decided to sterilize people with genetic diseases , and the goal was to create as the nation's healthy as possible so that the nation is stronger economically and military. After that, they began with the construction of the concentration camps, what they were doing places for the extermination of the people that I hated before hand so that the process can be fast and efficient. That, the offensive against the Jews begin, first by making them second-class citizens, and after more extreme way, with the genocide.

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