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Which of the following statements is true about financial planning? A)Once you have painstakingly developed a financial plan, it is not wise to change it. B)You must always consider the tax consequences of selling your investments. C)Any kind of financial expert (such as a stockbroker, lawyer, or accountant) can help you develop a comprehensive financial plan. D)Once you have made a decision to buy an investment, there is no need for continued evaluation.

Justin Parker

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1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on August 23, 2018

Once you have painstakingly developed a financial plan, it is not convenient to change. Thorough research means that you have weighed its pros and cons meticulously. You've probably had in a good number of eventualities, so I don't think it is in the best interest to change a financial plan, especially when most of the research has been put into it. Let me say that this Is not just any financial expert that can provide a comprehensive financial plan. Thorough development does not mean that it does not re-evaluate our position, so that the last option. If you have calculated well, you don't always have to look at taxes, since for the greater part of the tax expenses rarely change.

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