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Which of the following statements is a consequence of the equation E = mc2? A. Energy is released when matter is destroyed. B. Mass and energy are equivalent. C. The law of conservation of energy must be modified to state that mass and energy are conserved in any process. D. all of the above

Jodi Brooks

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on September 7, 2018

Answer;B. Mass and energy are equivalent. Explanation;-Each of the letters of E = mc2 represents a given physical magnitude.E is the energy, m is mass and c is the speed of light (m/s) Energy = mass x speed of light squared-The equation E=mc2, explains nuclear fusion, how matter can be destroyed and converted into energy, and energy can be converted back to mass. Explains the atomic energy produced by nuclear power plants and the atomic power released by the atomic bomb. -The equation tells us that mass and energy are related, and, in those rare cases in which the mass is converted totally into energy, the amount of energy that will be.

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