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Which of the following reformers outlined the social gospel in a book entitled Christianity and the social crisis? A) Jane Addams B)Walter Rauschenbusch C)Upton Sinclair D)ida tarbell

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on February 21, 2019

Option correct answer is :B) Walter RauschenbuschExplanation:During the history of the Christian religion, there have been various beliefs of Jesus and his redemptive work. In fact, a man who once said that no person, no church, no age of history has never understood the full scope of God's saving plans in Christ Jesus. That man was Walter Rauschenbusch was born October 4, 1861, to the German settlers, Augustus and Caroline Rauschenbusch at Rochester, New York, Rauschenbusch went on to become an advocate of a campaign to be called the social gospel.

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