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Which of the following options show parallel construction? A. “Being happy,” “Being sad,” and “Being depressed” B. “To get rich,” “Getting lazy,” and “Being happy” C. “Telling a story,” “Being informed,” and “The end” D. “Face the music,” “Dancing in the rain,” and “Show your stuff”

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on April 15, 2019

The option that shows the parallel construction would be A "be happy, be sad and be depressed". In order to present a parallel construction, you must ensure that each part of the sentence uses the same grammatical structure. In this case, the grammatical structure used in every sentence is the present participle (-ing). Be happy, be sad, and depressedIn B, two of every three sentences that contain the-ing form, so it is not the correct option. The same happens in C (two gerunds and a phrase). Finally, in D there are two imperative sentences with the bear infinitive form ("face the music", "show your stuff") and the present participle ("dancing in the rain"). Those are the reasons why A is the correct answer.

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