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Which of the following mountain ranges marks the line between Europe and Asia? A. Elburz B. Alps C. Caucasus D. Ural

Kathy Robinson

in Geography

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1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on January 1, 2019

The correct answer is D. of the Urals.The Urals is the separating line between Europe and Asia. Geographically speaking, it is a continent of Eurasia, not two, but the separation has occurred due to other things. The Urals had been a border between Europe and Asia for millennia, and that it is based not in geography but in culture, language, religion, lifestyle, race... The division came about because the people west of the Urals, and the people east of the Urals were different in most things, while people in the west were of white skin, had languages of the indo-european family, were mostly living in villages, towns and cities, the people of the east were dark skinned, had almond like eyes, they were nomads that roamed over vast areas, there were languages of different linguistic branch...

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