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Which of the following items are elements of a monthly checking account statement?. I. A period (beginning date and ending date). II. A beginning balance and ending balance.. III. A detailed list of debits and credits during the period.. a.. I and II. b.. I and III. c.. II and III. d.. I, II and III

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on April 11, 2018

Which of the following elements are the elements of a monthly statement of account? When looking at a monthly from the checking account of the state of the following elements are elements that are found in it: A period of date range that is displayed from what day to what day of the period of the transaction are recorded to, with a beginning and ending balance for that period in the checking account, and a list of all the debits and credits that were made during that period. The audit of the accounts refer to the transactions carried out with cash in your bank account. Due to the state of account will show all the options, D is the correct choice.

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