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Which of the following is true about the legislative branch of government? It is less powerful than the executive. It is accountable for conducting trials. It is divided into two separate houses. It is responsible for enforcing the law.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Karen Wright on October 14, 2018

It is divided in two parts of the house (the Senate and the house of Representatives). Not *less* powerful than the Executive branch (the President); it is simply different powers. Is not responsible for the conduct of the tests (unless you are referring to the impeachment of the President); that the paper belongs to the Judicial branch (the Supreme Court). As for enforcing the law, which seems to be a bit of a murky issue; the Congress is responsible for certain areas, but not on the country in general. (Basically, each of the three branches has powers that are able to counteract the actions of the other two branches: the "checks and balances" of the function.)

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