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Which of the following is true about homogeneous mixtures A. They are known as solutions B. The consist of two or more phases C. They have compositions that never vary D. They are always liquids. Separating a solid from a liquid by evaporation the liquid is called ______. A. Filtration B. Condensation C. Solution D. Distillation

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on March 26, 2018

The answer to this question would be: A. they are known as solutions of D. DistillationThe homogeneous mixture of the mixture of the solute with the solvent completely, to make them spread in the same. It will be called dissolved. In this case, the mixture will not be able to be separated easily.A way of separating a homogeneous mixture is by heating them for the solvent to evaporate. This can be done by a mixture of different evaporation temperature. By evaporation of the solvent, forcing the solvent to move without the solute. This process is called distillation. The example of use of this method would be to separate the salt from sea water

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