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Which of the following is the study of biological bases of social behavior? A. Ethnobiology B. Pavlov's response C. Sociobiology D. Nature-nurture controversy

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on September 10, 2018

In this question you can see the words "social" and "biology" that you could simply guess the correct answer as Sociobiology, but...The correct answer would be to Sociobiology because sociobiology is the scientific study of the biology (especially ecological and evolutionary aspects of social behavior in animals and humans.Ethnobiology is the scientific study of the way living beings are treated or used by different human cultures. We have studied the dynamics of the relationships between people, biota and environments, from the distant past with the immediate present. Therefore, it is not the best fit as an answer.Pavlovian response is based around a conditioned response, which is an automatic response established by training to an ordinarily neutral stimulus. Therefore, it does not fit either because it is based on a specific study general.Nature and education of the controversy is a traditional and long-standing disagreement over whether heredity or environment is more important in the development of living beings, especially human beings, so, this is not the right answer either as the basis of an idea rather than study.

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