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Which of the following is not true concerning the impact of volcanoes? a. Acid rain can result from volcanic eruptions. b. Tephra are a combination of water and rubble. c. Damage can continue for years after the initial eruption. d. The volcanic explosion is the pyroclastic flow.

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on October 21, 2018

I would say that b and d are not true as tephra is only the pyroclastic fragments are ejected from the explosive volcano, and it is often considered as mixed with water, and also an explosive volcano does not normally have flows but has hot fragments ejected as fragments that are found in the air, unlike a Hawaiian shield volcano made up of basalt lava flows. Occaisonally you may not be flowing from a volcano explosive if the ash is mixed with the water of a lahar, but this is relatively rare. The explosive type is usually a type of acid volcano unlike basalt, which is essential. In reality, b is true because while tephra can be just the pyroclastic material such as ash and bombs, can also be mixed with the water of the water vapor from the eruption.

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