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Which of the following is not something a zoologist might do in his or her profession? a. help manage natural resources as the human population grows b. work in labs or be outdoors working with animals in their habitats c. conduct research or deal with applied research d. study the behavior, disease, or development of animals

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on December 17, 2018

It would be a because:b. zoologists will want to look at the different types of things that can affect an animal. you can use the laboratories to analyze the samples of blood, skin, bacteria, etc... can also evaluate how the animals behave in the air and interact with them.c. you can carry out experiments and research in different environments and how animals can adapt to themd. you are going to study the behavior under different circumstances, they can try and find vaccines for diseases, and how to 'train' or 'tame' an animal.despite the ever-increasing human population affect animals I don't feel it is something of a zoologists concern

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