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Which of the following is NOT an appropriate result of healthy stretching? a. tension in the muscles b. a slight burning sensation c. muscle pain d. increased range of motion

Craig Stewart

in Physics

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on September 13, 2018

Answer:The answer is option C. Explanation:the Extension is a type of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or ligament, or muscle encounter is deliberately flexed or extended with the final objective to improve the muscle's felt flexibility and to achieve nice muscle tone. The result is a feeling of expansion in the muscle control, adaptability and scope of movement.This can help to improve the adaptive capacity and reduce muscle snugness, and torment. When it extends, in the center of the actual regions of your body which helps with the versatility, for example, calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps. For the abdominal area help, attempt movements that extend to the shoulders, neck and lower back.The same methodology is applied to the adaptability of the preparation; while it is good to make the adaptability of the preparation of each day; it is nothing but a smart thought to do similar stretches each day, for a good while. When in doubt, and if not tight and cause no problems, you don't have to expand.

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