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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of most ionic compounds?

Cynthia Baker

in Chemistry

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1 answer

James Washington on January 3, 2018

Well, here are the features of ionic compounds: 1) Due to the force of electrostatic attraction (one of the strongest of the force), these types of compounds are usually rigid. 2) High melting points (such as VERY high in comparison with other colavent compounds). Ex. table salt (NaCl melts at 1714 degrees fahrenheit, while the CH4 melt-in--295 degrees fahrenheit). See the drastic difference? 3) Most ionic compounds dissolve easily in water. Notice how I say most, as some ionic compounds are insoluble in water, and this only has to do with the intermolecular attraction between themselves in relationship to that between the ions and the water. If for any reason you need to know these solubility characteristics, just google solubility of the table or something along that line. 4) When it dissolves in a solution, any ionic compound can conduct electricity because the ions are free floating and may, therefore, transfer of electrons around it. In its solid form, however, I can not because all the ions are trapped in place and not move. 5) Ionic compounds form actually a specific form, and all the ions are orderly placed and evenly distributed in the crystal lattice. The geometric form of the compound is a chemical property, which means that varies between species.

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