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Which of the following is a way to prevent wastes from contaminating the environment? A) Use absorbent pads to collect floor wash water and wring out the pads outside in the grass B) Flush floor cleaning wastes into the sanitary sewer system C) Dispose of absorbents as hazardous waste in its own hazardous waste container D) Never use granular absorbents more than once

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1 answer

Megan Page on January 27, 2018

AnswerDispose of absorbent materials as hazardous waste in its own hazardous waste containerExplanationHazardous waste is a waste that has the chemical composition and the properties which makes it capable of causing illness, death, or damage to human beings and other life forms when released into the environment without proper management. The characteristics of these wastes include: toxic, ecotoxic, infectious substance, poisonous, explosive, and flammability. The hazardous waste can be destroyed by incineration, chemical process, and temporary on site waste storage facilities, such as waste piles and lagoons, ponds or

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