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Which of the following is a product formed when LiClO3 decomposes?

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on June 10, 2018

Answer: LiCl and O₂Explanation:Decomposition Reactions are those reactions in which the substances are broken down to smaller substances. This reaction has wide applications in our daily life, from nutrient cycling to the decompositionn of the death of the bodies by microorganisms.Taking into account LiClO₃ is some what stable compound. When heated up to 330 °C begins to break down into Lithium Chloride and Oxygen gas as follow, LiClO₃ → LiCl + 3/2 O₂or, 2 LiClO₃ → 2 LiCl + 3 o₂

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