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Which of the following is a correct statement about collision theory? A. All collisions lead to chemical reactions. B. Most collisions lead to chemical reactions. C. Very few reactions involve particle collisions. D. Effective collisions lead to chemical reactions. E. Reactions do not require particles to collide.

James Washington

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1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on May 8, 2018

Answer:(D) effective Collisions lead to chemical reactions.Explanation:the Collision theory:The collision theory states that when suitable particles of the reactants to hit each other, only a fraction of the collisions cause noticeable or significant chemical change; these successful changes are called successful collisions. The success of the collisions must have enough energy, also known as activation energy, at the moment of impact to break the preexisting bonds and form new bonds. This results in that the products of the reaction.Conclusion :According to the collision theory, the following criteria must be met for a chemical reaction to occur: The molecules must collide with sufficient energy, known as the activation energy, so that chemical bonds can break. The molecules must collide with the correct orientation. A collision that meets these two criteria, and that results in a chemical reaction, is known as a successful collision or an actual collision.

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