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Which of the following examples illustrates static friction in action? A.a ball rolling down a hill B.a skater gliding across the ice C.a plane flying through the air D.a car starting to move after the light changes from red to green

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on October 18, 2018

Answer: D. a car begins to move after the traffic lights to change from red to greenExplanation;Static friction is a type of friction, or a force that is experienced by a body or a substance at rest. Therefore, when a force is applied on a body or object at rest is opposed to the static friction.Static friction does not have the ability to move an object or to induce the movement, as it is countered by the rest of the opposing forces. The static friction must be overcome to cause the movement of the object. When a body or an object is in motion experiences kinetic friction. Therefore, when a body at rest begins to move, then the friction changes to kinetic friction.

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