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Which of the following elements does not form a monatomic ion? A.potassium B.sulfur C.chlorine D.xenon

Samantha Barber

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on November 27, 2018

Answer:- Chlorine-Explanation; -A ions, monatomic is an ion that consists of exactly one atom. If you have more than one atom, then it is called polyatomic. If you have two atoms it is diatomic, three atoms it is triatomic, and so on. -Potassium, sulphur and Xenon are all examples of ions monatomic. -The chlorine in the other side is diatomic, that is to say, which has two atoms, and that is why its formula is Cl2. Chlorine is a molecular compound in the group of 7, each one of its molecule has two atoms.

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