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Which of the following describes a condition in which an individual would not hear an echo? A. An individual is standing 30 meters in front of the reflecting surface. B. The reflecting source is approximately 21.5 meters from the individual. C. An individual is standing in the range of the sound waves coming from the original sound source as well as the reflected waves. D. A sound wave reaches the ear and the reflected wave reaches the ear less than 0.1 second later.

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on March 11, 2019

The correct answer is D. the Echo refers to the sound that is heard when a sound wave is reflected by a surface. An echo of sound of a sound wave traveled through the air, hitting a hard surface and are reflected back. In general, the hard surfaces reflect the sound wave, while soft surfaces absorb sound waves. Reflected sound waves are used in the application of some of the devices that are used in the range and the directions search.

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