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Which of the following compounds contains a double bond? (2 points). Select one:. a. O2. b. H2O. c. Cl2. d. NCl3.

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on May 26, 2018

Answer : Option a Explanation : From the options given; A) is the molecule that forms double bonds with its own atom and becomes stable. Is covalent actions of the two valence electrons in the valence shell and becomes a byte.(B) the water molecule do not form double bond between the H atom and O atom as the valence of oxygen is two, and hydrogen is one. So two H atoms form a single bond with one atom of O. (C) the molecule shares a covalent bond with another atom of Cl. This does not form a double bond as only one electron is necessary for the Cl to reach the octet state.(D) The N atom has 3 electrons for the donation, that is fulfilled by each one of the chlorine atoms as they need only one electron to be an octet. A simple link since there are no lone pairs to the left to form a double bond.Therefore, the correct answer is the molecule.

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