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Which of the following changes to waterways is only the result of human activity? A) erosion B) temperature fluctuations C) flooding D) deposition of sediments on floodplains E) chemical pollution

Jeremy Wood

in Advanced placement

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1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on January 10, 2018

The correct answer is (E) chemical pollution.The pathways can be influenced by both the nature and human activities. While mother nature has a lot of influence on the courses of water, in several forms, the human activity seems to have even more attributes on their sleeves. Humans create a lot of pollution, and the water suffers a lot from him, therefore the courses of water, as well, and one of these types of pollution is chemical. The chemistry of the pollution comes from manufactured chemicals or chemicals waists that go in the water. Change the composition of the water, its biosphere, its operation, and as a result end comes the change of the water courses, as well.

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