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Which of the following best describes the impact of glaciers upon the surface of the earth? a. Ice buried continents under a few hundred feet of ice. b. Glaciers scraped across the surface and altered landscapes and the course of rivers. c. The passage of glaciers created new ecosystems. d. All of the above.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Caroline Campbell on February 20, 2018

The correct answer is b. The glaciers scraped the surface and the alteration of landscapes and the course of the rivers.This is the option that best describes the influence of the glaciers, although the other two are also correct statements. The glaciers and are still creating a lot of forms of relief, from minor to those that are hundreds of kilometers long. They have created a lot of valleys, the horns, the fjords, and also some relief to the forms as the glacial rocky terraces, rivers, rocks, ponds, etc Due to their many valleys of the rivers have been affected and have changed their course due to the glacial valleys are usually the easiest way for the water to run.

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