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Which of the following atoms would lose three electrons to empty its valence energy level? . A] Al B] S C] N, D] Sc.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Ashley Howard on December 16, 2018

Answer: The correct options are a and D. Explanation: we have some items and we have to find the item that you are going to lose three electrons to empty their valence shell.The valence electrons are the electrons in the last shell that can be easily knocked down.The valence electrons in Aluminum (Al) = 3Valence electrons in Sulphur (S) = 6Valence the electrons of the Nitrogen (N) = 5Valence electrons in the Scandium (Sc) = 3From the valence electrons, it can be seen that Scandium and Aluminium are the elements that loses three electrons.Therefore, Option a and D are correct.

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