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Which of the following aqueous solutions will have the lowest vapor pressure at 25°C? 2.0 M CH4 1.0 M AlCl3 1.0 M NaCl 1.0 M BaCl2

Bethany Evans

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Carlton Burgess on May 28, 2018

Answer: 1.0 M To Cl3Explanation:vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by vapor molecules on the liquid.The low vapour pressure is a colligative property.A colligative property is a physical property of solutions that depends on the number of solute particles dissolved.The greater the number of solute particles dissolved bottom to the resultant of the pressure of steam.Ionic compounds dissociate into ions in water. To count for the dissociation of ionic compounds using the van ' t Hoff factor (i). The greater the dissociation of the compounds, the higher is the van ' t Hoff factor (i).In ideal conditions, among the 4 solutes shows, AlCl3 has the highest van't Hoff factor, which means that the solution of 1.0 M AlCl3 with the lowest vapor pressure.Answer: 1.0 M AlCl3

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