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Which of following methods helps speed up the distribution of goods ? A. Standardization B. Touch typing C. The assembly line D. The ripple effect

Bethany Evans

in Social studies

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1 answer

Jessie Thompson on April 12, 2018

Answer:The answer is option A. Explanation:Standardization is the way to decide the correct grouping of a response. It is a kind of logic of the system usually used in the institutionalization. In a standardization, a correct volume of a substance is responded to with a measure of another substance.Standardization. The consistency and the objectivity of the tests and how they are regulated and scored. With the ultimate goal to the contrast of one person with another on a test, it is essential that the passage through the examination under similar conditions and with a similar scoring system is connected to both. The road to the establishment of the greater part of the uniform of the qualities of a particular decent or benefit. Element of institutionalisation between the goods given by the various organizations working on innovation-based companies can be helpful to buyers since the grant of the rivalry between the various providers.

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