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Which most likely was Persia’s most valuable asset? A. its canals B. its cotton crop C. its mines D.. its oil supply

Whitney Matthews

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2 answers

2 answers

Derrick Little on January 30, 2019

Oil is Persia’s most valuable asset that makes the country’s whole economy, more or less. It has been the main resource available in the area for a long time, and Persia has managed to find the right use for it. About a century ago, an Anglo-Persian Oil Company was established. London funds financed the whole sphere all those years ago and brought the beginning of a thriving industry. For the first 50 years after the establishment of the business, Persian oil refinery has been the largest in the world.

Today, the area is the second leading in the Organization of Petroleum Export Countries bringing whopping amounts of crude oil to the market.

Due to the large amounts of gas reserves in the country, it has greatly developed the spheres of energy in recent years as well.

In addition, recent data states that the area is one of the world’s largest producers of some fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

In the early 2000’s, agricultural activities of the land accounted for one-fifth of Iran GDP because of poor irrigation and poor soil. Back a thousand years ago, the land was rich thanks to the massive production of cotton, but the economy was finally brought down by harsh weather and harvest decline.

Dana Keller on September 28, 2018

Answer : Persia's most valuable asset was its oil supply.Explanation : The Persian Gulf and its coastal areas all over the world in the largest source of crude oil, and related industries dominate the region. Safaniya Oil Field, the world's largest offshore oilfield, is located in the Persian Gulf. But now things are different-very less amount of oil left in the oil fields.

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