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Which lists all of the substances that appear in equilibrium constant expressions? pure gas and pure liquid pure gas and aqueous solution pure solid and pure liquid aqueous solution and pure liquid

Karen Wright

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Karen Wright on January 19, 2018

Answer : Option (B) Pure gas and aqueous solutions.Explanation : The substances that appear in the equilibrium constant expressions are pure gases and aqueous solutions, because, unlike gases and substances in solution, liquids and solids is noted that, in essence, a constant concentration. That is because liquids and solids are virtually incompressible in nature. As the molecules in liquids and solids are placed very close to each other, with very little space to get squeezed and be close to each other. So, as a result, it requires an enormous pressure to perform even a small change in the volume of matter. In most cases, the changes in the volume of a solid or liquid substance, it is ignored.

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