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Which is the most reputable website for free continuing education for nurses?

I would like to develop my career through ce continuing education for nurses. I have been a practicing nurse for two years now. Before this, I studied and graduated with a nursing diploma from college. In the recent months, I have seen several colleagues juggle healthcare continuing education with work. Now, I can’t wait to start studying as well. I am interested in free continuing education for nurses to begin with. Which is the most reputable place for this on the Internet?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on May 1, 2018

Several websites offer nurses free continuing education. You only need to choose the right program for your specific preference. Furthermore, you need to select a site that gives accredited credit hours.

I will name a few of these websites for your consideration:

This site offers a directory to help you find CE courses that are right for you. The catalog gives the course title, the organization or provider of the course, the credit hours you will attain and lastly the cost. Note that not all classes on this website are free. However, there are several free options available, and the paid courses can be very affordable.

If you have a particular CE course in mind, you can go directly to the course finder at the top of the page, select your preferred category, then choose a program from the provided list.


MedScape has a specific nursing page that offers free nursing CE online. MedScape specializes in giving medical information for nurses, medical students, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals continuing education. Since the nursing CE was introduced, several practicing nurses have attained credit hours from MedScape.

You only need to register as a member for free to access their programs and courses. is another good website for nurses. Not only does it advertise jobs and education news, but it also offers nurses CE without any charge at all. The site provides a list of free courses as well as paid ones. These courses are offered in partnership with other organizations leading in the industry. What is unique about this website is the fact that you can choose a media of study, i.e., instructional videos, audio or text. However, different forms of learning may charge differently. Each course specifies the mode of studying so that you can know what you are selecting.

AMN healthcare services through offer specialized information and education for nurses. On the homepage of their website, you can find links to paid and free continuing education-CE, discounted CE group courses as well as CE courses required by the state for licensing. The website is simple to navigate as you only need to click on your preferred course category to access.

You can also get updates on new courses in nursing and healthcare in general. If you are interested, sign up to access CEs as well as receive monthly newsletters on your email.

Ronald Miller2 years ago

Additional websites that offer similar services: provides links to free nursing CE provided online. You can also find affordably priced CEUs that are state approved (charging about $30 each). This platform is perfect for all healthcare professions including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dental specialists, social workers among others. You can, therefore, find continuous education courses for any of these fields at no cost. Note that this website is only a guide that helps you locate free accredited CE courses. this site is excellent for free continuing education for nurses. Both registration and credit hours are cost-free. Each course provides a brief description of what it entails and how it can benefit your nursing career. It also gives the requirements for a course, i.e., the specific area of expertise that the course-taker should be practicing. Moreover, the courses also specify the number of credit hours you will attain on completion.

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