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Which is the easiest way how to study for finals?

I would like help with coming up with a simple guideline on how to study for finals. I would also appreciate any help determining good study skills I can use in order to fully prepare for my exams. With exams around the corner and having so much studying to go through I would like assistance to help me create a strategy that will enable me on how to study smart.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Donald Ward on January 15, 2018

I understand the pressure that comes with reading for exams especially when
one feels they have not read enough.

Make a study guide
Apart from the study guide allocated by the teachers create your personal study guide. This will enable you to incorporate a way of study that suits you. Your study guide will help you organize your work and develop framework that will help you when it comes to how you will study for the finals. It will guide you on steps you will need to tackle the work you need to cover before the exam.

Make a study timetable
It is very important to set a schedule for what and when you will study for a particular subject. This will help you manage the time you have left to the exam to incorporate all the information you need to learn.

Prioritize your study time
Remember, exams are around the corner so make your study time number one priority. Allocate your study during the day for you to be fully ready. The more time you set for studying, the more you will cover.

Attend review sessions
Before the exam, most school departments organize review sessions for the students. Ensure you attend these sessions where you will be given a guideline on how the exam will be set. You will get assistance in understanding what the examiner expects from you and this will help you determine good skills for studying.

Reorganize your notes in terms of priorities
As you gather your notes to study prioritize the content of your course. Start reading the most demanding areas before tackling the minor areas; through this you will save time and last minute reading which is stressful.

Set study groups
Study groups are helpful when it comes to studying, especially when covering topics in the last minute rush. It is a fast way to review what you have read with your classmates. Also only join a study group if you find studying with others as beneficial.

Familiarize with past exam papers
Take a look at exams papers that were set on certain areas in the past. Familiarize with the examiner’s style of setting questions. This is a smart way of studying where you can focus on areas that matter, i.e. definitions, giving examples, explanations that the examiner expects. This will save you a lot of time and also give you insight into the coming finals.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

I believe how you prepare for the exam highly determines your performance therefore you should be adequately ready. Manage your time well and organize what you should study with the time you have to avoid being overwhelmed near the exam date. On many instances I employed good study skills that helped me prepare well for exams. Do frequent practice of what you have read or studied, this involved doing test quizzes and sample questions in various text books. A good way to also prepare for your finals is teaching what you have learnt to others. Offer to teach what you have learnt to others who have not understood a certain concept. This will give you a chance to revise and also stick the concept more in your brain. Regularly take a break from studying to refresh your mind, over reading could end up confusing you. Also ensure you take enough sleep before the exam day and go to exam room fresh and clear minded.

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