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Which is the best school district with regard to school ratings?

I am looking for a great school district where my kids can study. Kindly use the school ratings for different districts to direct me to the best districts in the country. If it is possible to avoid independent school rankings, I would appreciate it. I just need public ratings. Any information that helps me identify good school districts will be of great help to me and my kids. I am about to make a big decision whether to move or not. Thanks a lot in advance.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on October 29, 2018

At number one on the 2018 good school-districts, we have Solon City School District. This district also ranks as number one in the state of Ohio. The elite public school district has more than four thousand students in preschool to grade 12. The number of students brings the teacher-student ration to 1:17. State test scores show that ninety-five percent of the learners are great in math and ninety-six percent of the students are great in reading. The administrative staff and teachers are excellent and the quality of education is improving constantly. Students enjoy top-notch athletics’ facilities. The district’s buildings and grounds are rated as incredible. This region can be a great district for your child. It is the best in the state and the nation. When there is straining in the schools’ culture, the district acts to ensure that the mood and overall attitude of those in the district are at least restored if not improved.

At number two in the school-ratings district list, is Tredyffrin-Easttown School District. The district was the best in the state of Pennsylvania. The elite school district, located in Wayne, accommodates more than six thousand students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The number of students makes the student-teacher ratio to be 15:1. 88 percent of students are great in reading while 72 percent of students are good in mathematics. According to a student’s review, the teachers in TE district are amazing and they care about the learners. One of the alumni says that she loved her experience to the extent that she desires to be a middle school educator in the district. Many reviews recommend the district to parents who have school-going kids. The school district prepares kids for college. There’s absolutely no bullying and the community is hospitable. The experience is amazing, and kids get prepared for the outside world.

According to the public school rankings, Radnor Township School District is the third best school district in America and the second in the state of Pennsylvania. The district has over three thousand students between grade K and 12th grade. This population brings the teacher-student ratio to 1:13. 79 percent and 90 percent of students are proficient in math and reading respectively. The proficiency is a result of test scores. The teachers and administration staff are amazing.

If you change your mind about independent schools’ rankings, check this site. You will find a list of the best independent schools.

Wilson Hansen11 months ago

Great review! The school district of Clayton isn’t badly off. It got position five in the national school ratings and position two in the state of Missouri. Grades PK to 12th grade make the total number of students 2,228. With this amount of students, the district’s teacher-student ratio is a mind-norming 1:9. Seventy-five percent and eighty-one percent of students did well in math and reading respectively. The school district's art, sports, academics, faculty infrastructure and parent involvement makes it stand out. It is renowned for its diversity and high achievement. According to a student’s review, one should consider themselves fortunate having gone through a school in the district. The facilities and support will not only prepare you for higher education, but it will also allow you to enjoy an enriching experience. Each student finds great care and experience. There’s a great effort that ensures smooth transitioning from one school level to the next: PK to K, K to elementary, and elementary to K-12.  

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