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Which is the best institution among the college rankings in the US?

I am through with high school and would like to know the best colleges to choose from before I do my application. You can review some of the schools ranked in a school rating website and help me choose among the competing schools. If possible, send me a link to the college rankings website to see more details. In addition to the best school rankings link, your evaluation will make me more confident when picking what college to apply to. I will appreciate your opinions. Thank you.

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Justin Parker on October 25, 2018

The number one is Princeton University. Its undergraduate enrollment stands at five thousand and four hundred. It is set in a suburban environment with an acreage of six hundred units. Its academic calendar is semester based. Fees and tuition amount to forty-seven thousand, a hundred and forty dollars. It is among the United States’ oldest colleges. There are a number of organizations, activities, and events offered by the college. Princeton Tigers, for instance, members of the Ivy league, are renowned for their teams’ strong young women and men. Moreover, the university’s highly ranked programs make the institution to top the college-rankings list.

Founded in 1890 is the University of Chicago with an enrollment of five thousand, nine hundred and forty-one undergraduates. It’s smaller in size compared to Princeton. Its academic calendar is based on a quarter system. It was position 3 on the best school-rankings list. The university provides students with a rich campus life. Harris School of public-policy-studies, school of medicine, law school, and business school are among the highly rated programs that are offered at the institution. It is important to note that Freshmen are required to live on campus. While you may think that this is a downside, more than half of the students choose to continue living on campus even after the first year. You can read more about the University of Chicago at this school-rating website.

Yale University tied with the University of Chicago in the university rankings. The institution is located in Connecticut and is known for great music programs and drama. It is a competitor in the Ivy league with the Yale Bulldogs doing great performances. Students live in the twelve residential colleges while at the university. There are a dean and a master for each of the twelve colleges. The school of forestry, divinity school, and school of drama are well regarded.

At position two was Harvard University. It has been set in an urban environment in Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has a great size able to hold over six thousand enrollment of undergraduates. The calendar for the school is semester-based. Thirteen schools and institutions make up the university. Among these schools are well-known JFK school of government, Law school, Engineering and Applied sciences school, Medical school, Business, and Graduate school. Its library has the oldest collection of books in the country. If you choose among these four colleges, you will fall in the right place.

Jeffrey Rodriguez9 months ago

Great answer. However, you have just picked the crème del a crème. What if the student fails to find a place in the above schools due to the high selection criteria? On this list, there were also Columbia University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Making position five on the best school rankings list isn’t an easy thing. Massachusetts Institute takes over four thousand students undergraduates. This institution is comprised of a college and five schools. School of Mgt. and School of Engineering are highly ranked. While seventy percent upperclassmen choose to live on campus, it’s compulsory that all freshmen live in the hostels. With thirty-six acres, Columbia University enrolls over six thousand undergraduates. Its calendar utilizes a semester-based program. Its located in New York City, New York. It is comprised of 3 schools. The colleges of Journalism and Dental medicine are well regarded. There is a range of student activities that provide you with an all-around college experience. 

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