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Which is the best healthcare-related online master’s course offered by UW continuing education?

I have been in the healthcare field for a decade. My career demands that I keep taking radiology continuing education. I have been taking these courses, but I feel I need to get a Masters in this field. I am particularly interested in clinical information technologies. I mean a course that will help me be able to use modern technology in treating people. This study will complement my occupational therapy continuing education courses. Suggest any relevant healthcare-related course offered by UW continuing education.

Brandon Scott

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on May 8, 2018

The University of Washington continuing education offers a Master of Science (Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies) course. I find this program very appropriate for you since it provides an opportunity to study modern technologies and patient care.

Patient-centered technologies are increasingly being adopted in the provision of medical services. For instance, in the US many healthcare establishments are applying electronic systems of recording medical information and other sophisticated health information systems.

Through your continuing education on radiology course, I know that you have come across the technological developments in your field. Leveraging these in offering medical care requires you to have essential knowledge and skills in the area. This education is provided in this course.

This Masters course will educate you on how to use technology to manage and control chronic ailments. You will also learn how to use technology to care for the elderly. In this course, you will identify emerging models of medication.

This program helps you understand how to use healthcare technologies thus making you contribute to the adoption of these systems.

This online class from the University of Washington offers graduate-level education to you. It will teach you to understand medical technologies, train you as a healthcare provider, show you how to implement and administer these healthcare technological systems, and help you examine/ analyze the use of informational software in caring for patients.

This knowledge will supplement your occupational therapy continuing education course making you an efficient provider of this treatment.

An advantage of this program is the fact that you take it online. As a working professional, this will be convenient for you as you will be able to earn your Masters without compromising on your position at work.

You will be able to improve your practice by implementing various skills, and concepts you learn in this course at work.

One last thing, in this course you will learn about communicating sensitive information to family members. This program offers clinicians essential information to enable them to use technological resources to ease this burden on loved ones.

You will be trained on this using web-based resources that allows a two –way communication between caregivers and clinicians. This program will present situations about managing pain along with evaluation queries, the possible course of action and the necessary follow up.

Further analysis will identify the impact of this unit on communication about managing pain in a hospital. 

Brian Warner2 years ago

I agree that this Masters course provided by UW continuing education is appropriate.  I say this because this program is helpful to people interested in integrating IT into healthcare such as yourself.

I am currently in my last semester of this course. This journey has been quite educative and enriching. I have managed to infuse information technology into my practice to great success. Knowledge derived from this class has helped me provide effective and efficient healthcare resulting in saving and improvement of patient lives.

After graduating, I look forward to joining a more prominent healthcare organization, e.g., WHO. While there, I hope to help develop, implement, and analyze these IT healthcare tools.

In the informatics field, you will learn about various topics such as medical informatics, nursing informatics, biomedical informatics, public health informatics, etc. This course will overlap these issues ensuring you gain vital information to boost your clinical care. 

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