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Which is the best education degree to pursue?

I have a son who is in high school. Recently, he asked me which education degree would be the best to pursue. I love him very much, he is among the best students in his class. I know he is very interested in pursuing a higher education degree. Anyone who knows how I should respond to my son? Recently, he told me he would work hard until he gets masters in higher education. I didn’t go beyond high school, and I’m finding it very hard to respond to some of these questions?

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 17, 2018

As far as pursuing a degree in education is concerned, there is no such thing as the best one to seek. One thing that makes me say this is the fact that as humans, we have different capacities. Some are good at sciences, others at social studies, while others are good in sports. Therefore, the best course for anyone is the one that one is good at and not necessarily the one that attracts the highest salary. Although you have said that your son is bright, you haven’t said which areas he is good at.

In my opinion, the best degree for anyone to pursue is one the most interesting to the student. However, it is better to encourage your son to identify several degrees that he would like to pursue. By doing so, a closer look at the opportunity and returns available for each degree would be used to identify the best degree for him to continue. It is advisable to pursue a degree that has many job openings with high salaries.

Higher education degrees are essential as they prepare people for their jobs. An excellent student should identify strengths and interests early to ensure that he chooses the right course. It is important to encourage your child to pursue something he likes to get higher grades. The grades are important in not only getting scholarships but also securing well-paying jobs.

It is important to note that sometimes it takes time to discover our strengths. For most high-performing students, they have a challenge of choosing the best course to pursue. However, encouraging your son to interact with teachers sharing his story will also go a long way in addressing this problem. In addition, while at college, the student may at least identify his strength and choose the best degrees.

Choosing the right degree early is very important. It plays an important role when enrolling for a master’s degree in higher education. If your son dreams to get a job in the administration or wants to become a college professor, it is essential to let him know that he will need this master’s degree. Consequently, he should be careful when choosing a degree to ensure his grades will allow him to pursue that course. Although all degrees are not the same, it is vital to ensure that one gets high grades in whatever he is studying. Furthermore, ensuring you are always updated on the technological advancements taking place will go a long way in ensuring that your son chooses the right course.

Kurt Price2 years ago

It is so unfortunate that your son wants to know the best degree in education. The rapid technological changes taking place in the society are replacing so many people in industries. Pursuing what one would call the best degree is not a guarantee that a machine cannot replace your services. For those who want to survive, it is not just about pursuing the best degree but also diversifying. It is important to encourage your son to identify various degrees he would like to pursue in the future. Let him know about the benefits of diversifying. Your son should learn to undertake short-term courses as he pursues the other important course. Let him know that there is no such thing as the best, especially in education since things keep changing. In addition, upon securing a job, you should encourage your son to keep always studying to remain relevant. Tell him to familiarize himself with any changes taking place in the industry he will be operating in.

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