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Which is the best definition of family planning? 1)studying a variety of forms of birth control to avoid pregnancy when someone is too young to raise a child. 2)deciding when to have children and knowing what constitutes safer sex and reproductive health. 3)parents working with children to plan the number and spacing of future children in the family

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on April 27, 2018

The answer is "2)decide when to have children and know what constitutes safe sex and reproductive health."Family planning allows people to attain your coveted number of young people and decide the dispersion of the pregnancies. This is achieved through the use of preventive techniques and treatment of infertility (this fact sheet centers around contraception). A woman's capacity to choose if and when the wind is pregnant directly affects their well-being and prosperity. The organization of the family allows the division of pregnancies and may differ from pregnancies in young women increased the risk of medical problems and going on maternity early. Anticipates unintended pregnancies, including those of more established ladies who face extended identified hazards with the pregnancy. The organization of the family empowers the ladies that wish to restrict the extent of their families as such. The test is proposed to the ladies that have in excess of 4 young people are at increased the risk of maternal mortality.

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