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Which is the best boarding school in my area?

I reside in Rhode Island and I am looking for a good boarding school to take my kid. Kindly take me through great schools reviews in Rhode Island so that I can be able to make an informed choice. A review of the best schools in my area would be very helpful. You don’t have to give me the reviews of the first, second and third schools on the list of best schools. I just need a review of the schools you deem fit for a high school kid. Thanks.

Timothy Norman

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2 answers

2 answers

Bedguide on May 14, 2019

Make sure to google it. I think you should visit your official page of our State Government. There you will get all the information. For More visit

Kathy Robinson on October 18, 2018

At number three of the best schools in your state is St. Andrews School. It is a boarding, private, elite school located in Barrington. With an excellent teacher-student ratio of 1 to 5, the school is able to accord its 226 leaners great service. For the highest level, 58,600 dollars is the tuition. Once they graduate, ninety-eight percent of the students are qualified for a four-year college admission. Your kid will be very comfortable in SAS; making friends is no issue here.

Among the most diverse boarding schools, Portsmouth Abbey school tops them all. It is a Catholic boarding school located in Portsmouth. There are three hundred and sixty students in grades nine and twelfth. Tuition is fifty-eight thousand and three hundred dollars and the ratio of teacher to students is 1:7. All students are able to join a 4-year college after graduation. According to a student’s review, Portsmouth Abbey has one of the best campuses. Education is supportive and rigorous. The staff is fun, understanding, and excellent. PAS will offer your child a phenomenal experience shaping what they will be in future. The culture of the school is supportive and welcoming. Teachers are easy to talk to meaning your kids can open up to them in case of troubling issues. There’s excellent education on liberal arts. Moreover, there’s great academics and the community is hospitable making it one of the best schools in your area. You won’t regret taking your kid here.

Among the great school-reviews, St. George’s has the best teachers. Located in Middletown, the private school is a Christian elite boarding school. The teacher-student ratio is a mind-blowing 1:6. All students are able to join a four-year college after graduation. At SG, educators are surprisingly dedicated, inspiring, bright, supportive, and influential. They are not only teachers; they are like parents, advisors, and coaches. According to a student’s review, one of the teachers was continually enriching herself with new knowledge in science; her curiosity had her spending summertime in Maine at a camp doing environmental work. The depth and breadth of openings that the institution offers are monumental to the journey of many students. There’s little to be criticized about the school. The education you will receive at SG doesn’t measure up with the one in the schools in the region. The choice of location is excellent; beautiful scenery makes the institution a state-of-the-art. Lastly, teachers are friendly, intelligent and well-hired.

Caroline Campbell2 years ago

Great, but you only seem to portray the positive side of the schools. Let me disclose some flaws in the school’s you’ve reviewed above. Something that Portsmouth Abbey should change is the food. A growing student shouldn’t be fed on such unhealthy diet. There should be more organic options for the kids. St. George’s boarding school social scene is something to be critiqued. Though most schools have this problem, sometimes it feels cliquey. Moreover, the students’ ignorance of how the rest of the country lives is frustrating. The spoiled attitudes can be annoying to those who are there on scholarships. Though St. Andrew is among the best schools in the region, it does a poor job when it comes to English and science. It is good for students interested in sports but not for an intellectual and spiritual student.  

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