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Which is the approximate solution to the system y = 0.5x + 3.5 and y = −x + shown on the graph? (–2.7, 2.1) (–2.1, 2.7) (2.1, 2.7) (2.7, 2.1)

Samantha Barber

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on September 3, 2018

the right question isWhich is the approximate solution of the system y = 0.5 x + 3.5 and y = -2/3x +1/3 of the sample in the graph?the question does not present the graphics, but this does not interfere with the resolutionwe have thatusing a chart toolsee the deputy figurewe know that the solution of the system is the intersection point of both graphsthe solution is the point ------> see the picturethereforethe answer is the option

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