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Which is not an advantage of using the Pyramid of Energy? a. It takes into account the rate of production over a period of time. b. Assigning the decomposers and detritivores to a particular trophic level. c. There are no inverted pyramids. d. The input of solar energy can be added.

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on August 31, 2018

Answer : Option (B) Assigning the decomposers and Detritivores to a particular trophic level.Explanation : the energy of the pyramid is mainly used to show how the amount of useful energy that enters each level through the chemical energy in the form of food decreases as it is used by organisms at each level.The first level is assigned to the producers, then comes the primary consumers, secondary consumers and finally tertiary consumers. It does not help in the allocation of energy to a group of decomposers.

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