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Which is better china or japan NI HON NI HON ni hon ni hon ni hon ni hon?

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on September 24, 2018

japan and china have their ups and downs, I live in japan and I'm Japanese, but I don't think japan is the best I want to say that it is cleaner and healthier than china (and richer) but that does not make us the best and assured china of the industry and are poorer and dirter than us, but we do not hate we are all people, after all so quit picking out our faults and just get along even though I did and not every thing came from china I mean we have the biggest city in the world outside of china help. 雪 yuki p. s only 99.9% of our alphabets came from Chinese writing and no we are not one of the dirtiest countries in the world, and your people killed Innocent lives, with tanks so your just as bad for quitting smoking and our country kills people for disagreeing or sends them to labor camps. p. s. s oh, and if china made every Japanese invention what about the katanna or sushi or haiku or shodo or the ipad and our history isn't terrible we have a long history of pride as Chinese. Edit: China Although china is the most popular due to their social situation in the world, China is being neglected of their history and Japan is looked over its faults. during the reign of Hitler believed that the world must get rid of every one that is mixed. He gathered Japanese troops and attacked China. they brutally murdered innocent men women and children. they were amused by raping women and killing babies. My grandfather(who is Chinese) was in the army and he remembers footage that was shown to him of a Japanese group of soldiers tearing children from their mothers grasp and stabbing them to death with their swords. More info: in Addition to their horrible history, originality is not their best characteristics either. China is mainly known for his invention of firearms, but the truth is that they invented most of the worlds most ancient devices. Any Japanese invention can be traced to a particular dynasty in China, when the original was made. For example: the Kimono, mainly known from Japan, derived from the Tang dynasty in China. In addition, the Japanese language was evolved from Chinese, too. Examples: Dispute(English) 争ç"(Chinese) ç›äº‰(Japanese), Love(in English) 爱(Chinese) 愛(in Japanese) Hate(English) 憎æ(Chinese) 憎む(Japanese) The previous reply said that trading and exporting is done in Japan for most of Asia and this is true. However, the majority of Americans say the labels of the products "MADE IN CHINA". For whose production of here? China also has one of the largest populations in the world, but consume less energy that Americans. Japan consumes more energy than most states. I'm not bias, but I've done my part in the research, and I hope you can believe that China is simply being misunderstood and Japan is being majorly overlooked. P. s. why the previous poor Japan?! japan, because it has a higher currency is 20 years ahead of most of the other countries of technology (including china) is the largest of the ports and is a capital for business trading and exporting for most of asia. Japan has a higher standard of living, long shelf life, cleaner environment, more treaties, the highest rate of literacy, higher technological status and 23 times richer per person. China has more people, more land, more resources, more production, more history and more military power. In general, in terms of serving the needs of its people, Japan.

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