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Which is an example of the media helping to shape the public agenda? An individual posts photos of his trip to the state capitol on a weblog. A radio show broadcasts the countdown of the week’s most popular songs. A TV network broadcasts coverage of a fashion event held by top designers. A newspaper headlines a front-page story about a debated political issue.

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on August 3, 2018

The correct response is option D. the headlines of the newspapers a news story about a policy debate in question is an example of the media helping to shape the public agenda. It is known that the mass media has the ability to influence which issues belong, or not, in the public agenda. When the media decides to cover a specific topic, they are giving in this topic of relevance. The stories that are most covered in the media, are those that the public deems more relevant and, therefore, will form part of the public agenda. Sometimes, the different media covering different themes, because they have different interests and want to shape the public agenda around those interests.

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