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Which is an example of dramatic irony in act v, scene iii of romeo and juliet? a.romeo thought juliet was dead when he poisoned himself, but the audience knew she was alive. b.balthasar agreed to deliver romeo’s letter, and the audience knew the contents of the letter. c.juliet knew romeo was dead when she awakened, and the audience knew that she was correct. d.friar laurence thought his plan would help romeo and juliet, but the audience knew he had evil intentions.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Ashley Howard on February 28, 2019

An example of irony dramatic in Act V, Scene 3 of "Romeo and Juliet" is:to. Romeo thought Juliet was dead when he poisoned himself, but the audience knew that she was alive. After knowing that Juliet had died, Romeo wanted to enter the tomb where Juliet laid dead desperately. When he discovers Paris asks to move away from the tomb, but did not come out of the tomb. Paris and Romeo enjoy themselves in a fight in which Paris is killed by Romeo. He took Paris in Juliet's tomb, and then they drink the poison. When Juliet wakes up, finds Romeo dead after she also stabs herself with a dagger. This event was an example of irony Dramatic as the audience knew very well that Juliet is faking her death, but Romeo is the reality.

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