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Which is an acceptable Lewis structure for a diatomic nitrogen molecule?

Zach Chandler

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on May 16, 2018

Response: Acceptable structure of Lewis of the Nitrogen Molecule Diatomic is as follows :N≡N:Explanation: The given structure of lewis is acceptable because each nitrogen atom has an octet and formal charge of each atom of nitrogen is equal to zero. So those structures of lewis that has zero or less of the indictment which is said to be more stable and acceptable. The formal charge is calculated is,the Formal Charge = # of Valence es⁻[# non-bonded e⁻ + 1/2 # of bonded e⁻]For N Formal Charge = 5 - [ 2 + 6/2]Formal Charge = 5 - [ 2 + 3 ]Formal Charge = 5 - 5Formal Load = 0Same result will come for the second atom of N.

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