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Which is a possible turning point for the continuous function f(x) Download png

Annie Barnes

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on September 19, 2018

Answer: Option B (-2,-1)----------------------------------------Explanation:I recommend plotting the points shown in the table. Each point is of the form (x,y) where y = f(x).The points to be plotted are:(-4,-6)(-3,-4)(-2,-1)(-1,-2)(0,-5)(1,-8)(2,-16)Based on the chart (see attached), we see that the point (-2,-1) is the most likely point of inflection. This point is shown in red. Here is where the graph is most likely that changes from increasing to decreasing. Despite the fact that other scenarios are possible.Note: there is no guarantee that (-2,-1) is a point of inflection because we don't have enough information about this function. -------If you are not allowed to chart, then I recommend looking at the coordinates. Note how and increases during the first three points (-6, -4, -1), but then decreases after it reaches y = -1. So this helps to confirm that (-2,-1) is the answer

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