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Which is a correct first step in solving 5 – 2x < 8x – 3?. . choices. a.5 < 6x – 3. b.3x < 8x – 3. c.5 < 10x – 3.d.2 – 2x < 8x

Timothy Norman

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Roger Moore on February 9, 2018

When are we going to solve inequalities like this, the first step is to gather the variable x on one side of the equation. In the first place, we have-2x in the left side and 8x on the right side. The first step would be to move the -2x on the right side of the equation. We have to add 2x to both sides of the equation. The left-hand side of the equation is then: 5 - 2x + 2x is 5. The right-hand side of the equation is then: 8x - 3 + 2x, which is 10x - 3. The inequality is then: 5 < 10x - 3. So the correct answer is C.

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