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Which is a correct comparison between the modern quantum model and John Dalton’s model of the atom? A.The modern model is not as widely accepted by scientists as Dalton’s model. B. The modern model states that atoms of all elements are identical, whereas Dalton’s model does not. C. The modern model recognizes particles in the atom, whereas Dalton’s model does not. D. The modern model does not explain emission spectra, whereas Dalton’s model does.

Donald Ward

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1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on February 23, 2019

Depends on your definition of the modern model. One created by Neils Bohr differs from the quantum-mechanical model.For the Quantum-mechanical model, A is false. The QM model is much more accepted than the Dalton as an explanation of the operation of the atom much better than before.For the model NB however, that was not accepted as much, because it only worked when working with Hydrogen.B: Not model states that each atom is identical.C: Dalton's model did NOT recognize particles in the atom, but the NB and QM models.D: the opposite is true.So the answer is C.

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