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Which if the following is a positive aspect of lobbying? A. The large number of lobbying groups makes it difficult to compromise, which hampers efforts to legislate. B. Lobbying allows groups with narrow interests to have a voice in the crowded arena of politics. C. Well-financed, politically active groups are listened to most often D. Lobbyists are a source of bribery and corruption.

Caroline Campbell

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on October 6, 2018

B. Lobbying allows particular interest groups to have a voice in the crowded arena of the policy. Pressure or advocacy groups/pressure groups/lobby groups/campaign groups or special interest groups, the use of different forms of support, to try to influence public opinion or policy, and play a key role in the political and social systems. The members of these groups and of other social movements believe that in joining the collective action is able to demonstrate the strength of numbers when it comes to policy, the advancement of his cause and interest.

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