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Which graph represents a reflection of f(x) = 2(0.4)x across the y-axis?Download png

Daniel King

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Brandon Scott on August 7, 2018

Answer: The correct choice is A. Explanation:The given function is,To find the graph of this function after the reflection across the y-axis, we first have to find the graph of the equation.The value of the function is 2 when x=0, therefore, the graph of the given equation cross the y-axis at 2.In the equation . Since then , so that the given function is decreasing function.The value of f(x) is always positive, so the graph of f(x) is always above the x-axis. Therefore, the graph must be above the x-axis after a reflection across the y-axis.Thus, the option (2) and (4) and incorrect.When we reflect the graph across the y-axis, then,means That when x approaches a large negative number, f(x) approaches 0 and as x approaches a large positive number f(x) approaches to infinite.Therefore, the correct option is the show in the first chart.

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