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Which event provided the greatest push to decolonize Africa?the Pan-African Congressthe Anglo-Boer Warsthe end of World War IIthe end of apartheidthe creation of the African Union

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Justin Parker on November 29, 2018

Correct answer: The end of World War II.The european nations had established colonial empires in Africa in the late 19th and early 20th century. Coming out of the second World War, European countries lacked the resources and the energy to keep away empires in Africa and Asia (as well as the ability to suppress the revolutions). In addition to that is now aligning with the USA or the USSR in the new Cold War world that was taking shape. Additional factors: leaving the era of the World Wars, there was a prevailing attitude among the Allies that the people should allow the free determination of the nations and of governments. In other words, they were leaving behind the attitudes that favor the colonialism and imperialism, in the belief that all nations should be able to determine their own destinies. Along with that were the increase of attitudes nationalists in the African countries that had been dominated by European imperialism. These factors, coupled with the economic realities in Europe, began the trend toward decolonization.

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