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Which equation represents a line that passes through (4,1/3) and has a slope of 3/4? A. Y-3/4=1/3 (x-4) B. Y-1/3=3/4 (x-4) C. Y-1/3=4 (x-3/4) D. Y-4=3/4 (x-1=3)

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Rodney Fox on August 26, 2018

First, you need to understand the slope-intercept form y = mx +b m = the slope of the lineb = the axis x-intercept, and x represent the coordinates of a point on the line by the equation listed we know that the slope, m , (3/4). We also know that a point on the line. therefore, we also have a value of y (1/3), and a value of x (4). So plug in the numbers: (1/3)=(3/4)*4 + b So to find the equation of this line we must solve for b, Multiply (3/4) and 4 to get 3 (1/3) = 3 + b Now subtract 3 from both sides to isolate b -2 2/3 = b, or -8/3 = b Now rewrite the equation with the y-intercept, b. y = (3/4)x - (8/3) From the wording, I'm assuming that you are given a list of equations to choose from. It is possible that some of all of the equations are listed in standard form. In that case, we need to find the equation: Ax + By = C To do that, we simply take the slope intercept form of the equation and manipulate it algebraically y = (3/4)x - (8/3) First subtract (3/4)x to both sides -(3/4)x + y = -(8/3) This is technically a standard way, but we can clean up a little bit by multiplying both sides of the equation by -4. So -4 * -(3/4)x = 3x -4 *y = -4y -4 *-(8/3) = 32/3 So 3x - 4y = 32/3 hope this helps

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