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Which criteria are used in the creation of business school rankings?

I am a student looking to apply for a master’s program in a reputable school. I have come across several lists of business school rankings and I need more information about the procedure used to rank them. I also need information to determine if the high ranked business schools will necessarily be on school finder websites. Are there any credentials necessary for a business school to be considered for the MBA school rankings? I also need to know if the rankings are related to the rate of school jobs in any way.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Donald Ward on January 23, 2018

I also took time to go through ranks of business school before filling in any application. A little research on the internet helped me identify the best schools that provide business education. You will also be able to select schools that meet your personal interest and objectives. Rankings will help you find schools with quality management and finance programs in the field of business. To answer your question, yes, rankings enable you to determine the job placement of students after graduation and help you make good decisions. For a school to qualify for business institution rankings it is essential that the institution is accredited by at least one professional body. The selection of MBA schools in the rankings is conducted using the statistical data, expert and quality assessment.

  • Statistical data
    Statistical data are reviewed each year to determine whether business schools qualify to be listed among the best ones. In this case both input and output measures are determined to gather statistics. The input measures include the quality of students in the institutions, the business faculty all together and other resources like the financial capability of the institution to finance their research. The quality of students could be
    assessed by their test scores and their academic performance. The output measures however are determined by the institution's ability to assist graduates in achieving good academic results and securing positions after school.
  • Quality Assessment
    This is mainly done by directors and deans in the school where they rank the programs offered by the school within a certain scale. A recruiter’s assessment could also be conducted on the programs the school offers on a full-time basis. The score the school attains is determined by the average number of respondents that took part in the
  • Placement Success
    Here an assessment to find the rate of the average salaries and wages of graduates from the school is conducted. More so the rates of the graduates securing jobs after school after graduation and also at least three months later are determined. The rate is however only considered when it is at least 0.07 and 0.14 respectively.
  • Selection of students
    The average GMAT and GRE scores are also used in determining the rankings of business schools. At times the mean grade of new students’ specifically full time undergraduates enrolling in the program is also used. Data entailing the acceptance rate of applicants applying to the institution is also used.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

Since business schools have a high rate of enrollment of applicants, rankings of institutions are made annually and therefore stay in the loop for current listings of business schools. The procedure is used to come up with standardized results about top notch business schools. Using a school finder website, you can find the time frame for application and any other information like tuition fee and enrollment date of my selected institution. Rankings are also very important for highlighting good business schools and current situations in the listed institutions. I would also recommend as you view minimal changes in the position of a certain institution note that the minimal position change is not meaningful. Always remember that top ranked business schools consist of only accredited schools.

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